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San Jose Airport by train

Though San Jose Airport is not directly connected to the rail network. There are many ways to connect with the several railway options available within the Santa Clara county.

VTA Light Rail

By the VTA Light Rail, you can connect straight to San Jose downtown with just boarding this service at Metro/Airport Station, which can be reached by the VTA Free Airport Flyer (VTA bus route no.10). You just need to board it at either San Jose Airport Terminal A or Terminal B in the Eastbound direction. The next stop is Metro Light Rail Station. Total trip time is of 7 minutes from Terminal A and 5 minutes from Terminal B.

Once at the Metro/Airport Station, you will in the Mountain View – Winchester line (the green line). In order to link with other rail services (Catrain, ACE or Capitol Corridor), you can either get to Lick Mill stops (Mountain View direction) or to San Jose Diridon (Winchester direction).

Altamont Corridor Express (capitol), Amtrak and Caltrain

Again, if you take at San Jose Airport VTA Airport Flyer route no.10, you can also link with the rail services offered by Altamont Corridor Express (capitol), Amtrak and Caltrain.

You just need to board it at San Jose Airport (make sure you are take the Westbound direction, instead you’ll get to the Metro Light Rail Station – Just look at the bus signage, if it says Santa Clara Transit Center or Caltrain, then it’s the right bus). Total trip time is of 9 minutes from Terminal A and 6 minuntes from Terminal B.

By Capitol Corridor you can get to cities like Sacramento, since it serves the East Bay; Caltrain just takes you to San Francisco and the whole California Peninsula, and Amtrak serves Silicon Valley, especially Tracy and Stockton.


The VTA Airport Flyer rout no.10 can be board at the bus stop in Terminal A and Terminal B.


VTA offers all its services at the same cost – That means there are the same fares for both the VTA bus and the Light Rail. See attached the fare chart for a one-way ride:

- Adult: USD$ 2.00
- Adult Express: USD$ 4.00
- Youth: USD$ 1.75
- Senior: USD$ 1.00

On the other hand, the Clipper card may be useful if you are planning to take further rides on the VTA public transport service. You choose whether the Day pass (Adult: USD$ 6.00, Adult Express: USD$ 12.00, Youth: USD$ 5.00, Senior: USD$ 2.50) or the Monthly pass (Adult: USD$ 70.00, Adult Express: USD$ 140.00, Youth: USD$ 45.00, Senior: USD$ 25.00).

Where can I buy my ticket?

Tickets can be purchased in either the VTA ticket booths located in San Jose Terminals Arrivals and on board to the driver.